Monday, January 28, 2013

Episode 8: Hat Trick = Surprise Drawing!

-Thanks to all who watch, all who are members in the group, and all who participate in the group! :)
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-Knit-a-long - Cast on any time starting now & finish your Valentine's themed project before Feb 28th for the chance to win some rose quartz stitch markers made by me. You must be a member of the Ravelry group to win.

1st Period: In the Zone (9:47)

Developing Play
  1. Mork by Julia Farwell-Clay
  2. Running headband - just plain garter stitch.

She Shoots! She scores! - I got a Hatty!
  1. Brain Waves Beanie by Liz McQueen
  2. Owl Cable Knit Coffee Cozy by Crystal Lybrink
  3. Pick a Pocket Cozy by Julie Tarsha
 Hat Trick! Hat Trick! I'm buying someone a hat pattern! WOOHOOO!
   The lucky winner is...................
    lovezombie! :D
  4. Maks Hot Water Bottle Cover by Linda Johnson

2nd Period: Training Room (21:48)

Fitness: Completed Day 1 of I get new jammies! Next prize I get will be in 28 miles. I'll buy myself the pattern, fabric, and notions needed to make myself a sweater bag.

Massage Stuff: checking out CEU courses.

3rd Period: Hockey Talk (29:45)

Checkers Update
Hurricanes Update
  LEOPOLD!!! clip. If you don't want to watch the whole episode, the "Leopold" part is at 4:45.

Hockey 101: The format of a hockey game.
  Next time I promise I'll cover Icing and Offsides.

Post-Game Chatter (43:36)

Weather again!
Work stuff
Getting ready for Atlanta trip.

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