Monday, December 31, 2012

Episode 4 - Happy New Year!


Candle lit for Carolyn/cawshirley of the Girlfriends Knitting Podcast who lost her father just before Christmas.

Admin stuff: I applied to Wish me luck!

Thanks, Heather219, Franciscangypsy (Pen Hook and Needles Podcast), and Fluffydogowner for RAPping me the following:
1. Mork by Julia Farwell-Clay
2. Peabey the Polar Bear by Snowden Becker
3. Argonath by Susan Pandorf

Thanks to sillyfru and pauly81 for mentioning me on SassyPants Knitter and Pauly Knits, respectively! :)

1st Period: In the Zone (8:12)

Stick Handling:
1. Fair Isle Mittens by Patons
2. Beekeeper's Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits
3. Cnidaria is on the bench again, may be suspended until spring!

She Shoots, She Scores!
1. Knitted Christmas Stocking by Joy Green
2. Fester the Whole Goat by Jenny Stacey
3. Crosswords at the Coffee Shop by Karrie Steinmetz

2nd Period: Training Room (19:42)
1. Fitness - squeeze in those workouts and every day is a new day!
2. Massage FAQ.

3rd Period: Hockey Talk (30:35)
World Juniors U20 Tournament
Checkers are being streaky
Hockey 101 - Players and their jobs.

Post Game Chatter (40:02)
Christmas recap
New Year Goals
Video of sunrise and a snowstorm at my house


  1. Love your Crosswords at the Coffee Shop and Fester the Whole Goat is too sweet! Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks so mcuh, zaeliablue! :) Happy New Year to you as well! <3