Monday, July 29, 2013

Episode 25

Wearing: Silk Side to Side Jacket by Sharon Sorken made with recycled yarn

-Mom's doing good; getting her energy back; waiting to hear about radiation treatments.
-Super busy work week but fun.
-Date night at Yosefa AntiquiTEA
-CycloVia signs & a shooting star.


Developing play:
1. -Knit Sampler Afghan by Coats and Clark with Red Heart Soft yarn. Halfway done.
  Finished square 1, 2, and 3 for 2nd half of blanket. Using US 8/
  5mm needles.
2. -Vanilla Socks with my Handspun from ITW Lavinia Colorway (Superwash Merino)
  US size 1/2.5mm needles. Using some nylon sewing thread to reinforce heels and toes
3. -Freja by Emmy Petersson. Knit Picks Palette. US size 1/2.25mm.
4. Granville by Fiona Ellis using Knit Picks WOTA, handspun 3-ply and US 6/4mm
    needles. For Rhinebeck

Got out the drop spindle, Trindle, Spinning some Miss Babs Wool/Sea Cell blend

Rec League:
Warm Hands Hoe-down!
Finish any gloves, mittens, or fingerless mittens by Sept 30, 2013 for a chance to win
 a $25 Etsy gift certificate. Must be a member to win; winner will have 1 month to
claim prize. If no contact is made, I'll draw a new winner (original winner forfeits prize)


Hit 200 miles on Runkeeper this week! Also hit 2 miles for the first time this summer!
Talk about phone apps and phone GPSes
Anyone use a GPS watch?


Hockey 101 - Minor penalties
-Kneeing - initial contact of a hit made with the knee. Can be minor penalty to
  suspenions, depending on severity, intent, and injury.

-Leaving the Penalty Bench Too Early - gotta serve your whole time before you get
  out of the penalty box. Only exception - end of period.

Hurricanes signed Nathan Gerbe, formerly of the Buffalo Sabres this week to a one  year
 2-way contract.
Gerbe stats: LW 5'5" Shortest player in the NHL with a rep for being a pest on the ice.
 Feels like he has something to prove to the Sabres, so should play with some fire.

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